General Rules

General rules on the agreement of the wines and the dishes :

Basic rules concerning the command of service of the wines in themselves,
knowing that the serving wine should never make regret the precedent :

A white wine precedes a red wine
A dry wine precedes a moelleux wine
A light wine precedes a vigorous wine
A simple wine precedes a complex wine
A young wine precedes an old wine

Generally it is starting from the menu that one chooses the wines and not the reverse :

With simple kitchen, simple wine
With simple meal, single wine
With light dishes, light wines
With fatty dishes, fresh wines
With vigorous dishes, powerful wines
With regional dish, regional wine
With great kitchen, high-class wines

There are certain dishes or preparations which mar the taste of the wine
and it is preferable to abstain from on extremely spiced dishes, anchovy, garlic,
very strong creamy cheeses, oil and vinegar dressing, desserts very sweetened and ices creams,
or then to drink water! :-)