exploRVF 2.0
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Nicolas wrote me that RVF lawers wrote to him
to stop imediately this software diffusion.
We stop for this time the downloading link.

This software was made by Nicolas Duranté.

exploRVF is a finder for the Revue du Vin de France wine database
which where publish in the mag since number 345 (April 1990).
exploRVF need at least a PC, Pentium, 8 MB of RAM and Windows 95.

For downloading exploRVF, please put your Lastname, firstname and e-mail in the form.
Then, clic on the "Download" buton.

Name :
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Now, you can clic on the exploRVF icon for starting the download.

exploRVF monthly updates :

Clic on the link, and save the file in the exploRVF folder.
You must save it in the same folder as others files,
and without any extension (rename it if you browser put a ".dat" or ".txt" after)

December 1999 (# 437 / exploRVF v1.0)
February 2000 (# 438 / exploRVF v1.0)
March 2000 (# 439 / exploRVF v1.0)

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