Some "smelling of wine" Links


NewsGroups :

The French-speaking newsgroup on the wine
(i created this newsgroup in june 97 because on a.f.w., all people speak in english :-)
The anglophone newsgroup on the wine

Web :

The Interprofessional Council of the Wine of Burgundy.

The Interprofessional Council of the Wine of Bordeaux.

Galerie of many wine labels.

Slow Food Guide to the Wines of the World
Against "Fast Food" - Wine section.

Vin de savoie
All about Savoie wines

Hospices de Beaune
All on the sales of November

La Confrérie Iacchos
The excellent site of Christophe Rémond

La Planète Vin
On this site, you will find a very good database on wine,
but also some FAQ about the French wine oriented newsgroup

L'esprit du Vin
A very well done one !

Château Loisel
A virtual "château" but a real very nice homepage on wine

Mark Squires' E-Zine on Wine
In english but very well done ! ;-)

Parker's Vintage Chart
Vintages by Robert Parker (from 1970 to 2000).

Site Albert Richez
Average prices of the wines in France

Strat's Place
In english. A bible with many labels scans

Canadian Wine and the Spirits portal

The Winelabelsworld
A very nice site in six differents languages on wine labels.

Wine Search
Search in "Viti/Vini"

If you want that I add your site, known as it me.

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